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Viscera: Quality Healthcare for Black Women
Team Members: Brenda, Fanny,  Marco
Software: Figma & Webflow

How might Black women attain fair medical treatment so that they can have a quality non-discriminatory healthcare experience ?


The objective of Viscera is to be a resource for Black women to find a quality doctor that fits their preferences.
We’re hoping that by allowing users to review and pick their doctors, it would create more trust between patients and doctors and lessen discrimination within healthcare. We also introduced the forum feature to create a sense of community for Black women to share their experiences and meet other Black women.

Final Result

My role: lead designer and developer
Viscera Homepage Screen With Advance Search Pop-up
Search: Start Finding Your Ideal Doctor
Along with an optional advance search to further refine the user’s search results.

We prioritized user’s preference to improve their trust in the platform and help them find a doctor they relate to- so they feel comfortable.
Our research shows that users prefer doctors within their demographic.
The Doctor’s Page: A Starting Point
The purpose of this page is to serve as an ‘explore’ page for doctors.
It gives an idea to users of the doctors that already exist in the website’s database.
Doctors Page Screen
Doctors Profile Screen
The Doctor’s Profile Page: Learn More & Choose Wisely
The layout was inspired by LinkedIn due to how both platforms connects users with desired professionals.

The ratings is near the top of the page because of how the rating is a key decision aspect for people in choosing which doctor to visit.

By including a rating feature, it holds doctors responsible due to how patience have the ability to publize their misbehavior.
The User Profile Page: Present Yourself
Customize your Viscera presence and view others' profile. One of the purposes of the post/replies element is to hold users’ accountable.
It is easier to see the overall activity of a user- to determine if they’re a troll.
Since we cater towards an often targeted demographic, we view online safety as important towards our userbase.
User Profile Screen
Forum Home Screen
The Forum Page: Posts Discussions and Meet Others
In order to create a sense of community on our platform, we introduce the forum feature.

Community is prioritized within Viscera due to how experiencing health related issues and discrimination can be isolating. We want our users to know there are others in the same boat as them.


Problem Context

Race and ethnicity are playing a part in quality of healthcare that is received.
Black women's basic health needs are not being met and are consistently overlooked, resulting in:
  • higher mortality rates
  • disproportionately burdened by chronic conditions
According to the CDC Black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women.

Market Research

Other review sites lack a sense of community. The reviews left by many patients were about their experiences in waiting room or parking situations not about the actual doctor interactions.

User Research

Black patients receive inadequate  treatment due to how doctors do not properly listen to them. Black patients prefer black doctors. People find doctors through word of mouth.

My Process

First Stage Home ScreenFirst Stage Home Screen With Search Pop-up
First Stage Doctors ScreenFirst Stage Doctors Profile Screen
First Stage Rating Pop-up On Doctor Account ScreenFirst Stage Forum ScreenFirst Stage User Account Screen
The design was still not satisfactory.
From A Designer's Perspective
  • The overall color scheme is too similar.
  • There is no contrast color that could serve for elements (such as buttons) to stand out.
  • The color of the graphics did not match the color scheme.
  • The homepage's descriptions for features has unnecessary information and Including buttons would be useful for users who want to immediately use a feature
  • A call-to-action to sign up for the platform on the homepage would enforce users to register
  • Having the search bar then the 'find a doctor' description on the homepage is redundant
According To User Testing
  • The Doctor’s Profile has information that isn’t important to users.
  • Takes a lot of scrolling to get to doctor’s rating.
  • The questionare from the review system are poorly worded and can be confusing.

Final Design

(Almost) Final Design Home Screen(Almost) Final Design Home Screen With Search Pop-up
(Almost) Final Design Doctor Screen(Almost) Final Design Doctor Profile Screen
(Almost) Final Design Doctor Account Screen with Rating Pop-up(Almost) Final Design User Account(Almost) Final Design Forum Screen
The previous color scheme wasn't well suited
The Pantone color of 2022 (very peri- a deep periwinkle color) and the trendy blue and yellow color scheme for websites inspired the colors I chose. I opted for lavendar and coral over blue and yellow due to how these are sunset colors, and I wanted to evoke a sense of peacefulness upon the users to ensure that this platform is a safe space.
The original review system was inadequate
According to our user testing, our original review system was overwhelming and many questions were poorly worded.
Rating Questionare Part 1Rating Questionare Part 2
Rating Questionare Part 3Rating Questionare Part 4
For this review system, we introduced a questionnaire.
But after completing more user testing, we learned a lot of users also found these questions poorly worded.
NPS Rating
This review system incorporates NPS (Net Promoter Score).
However, this review system is too broad. Different users have different definition of a quality experience.
This review system is an aggregation of different ratings to generate an overall rating.
We chose this review system because, according to our research, reviewers often don’t leave reviews about the doctor’s behavior. This review system targets rating certain qualities that make up a quality doctor. Compared to the original review system, these questions are also more simple, concise, and fewer in numbers. Therefore, users do not feel overwhelmed, which makes it more likely that they will leave a review.
Aggregated Rating
The UX Writing on the homepage could improve
Old Design
Old Hero Banner
Hero Banner Description
  • Having a search bar to explore doctors is redundant since there is a 'find a doctor' feature explanation right below
  • Having a call-to-action will influence users to sign up
  • Language should be consistent through out (saying sign up in the description then saying sign up on the button)
New Design
New Hero Banner
Old Design
Old 'Find A Doctor' Homepage Description
Find A Doctor
  • Has technical jargon: "online database"
  • Can be more concise
  • "Doctors that welcome and respect black women" is not necessary given the cause of our product
  • Feature is not called 'Find A Doctor', therefore can be confusing to users
  • Including a button would be more useful in case a user would like to go to a feature immediately
New Design
New 'Find A Doctor' Homepage Description
Old Design
Old 'Forum' Description On Homepage
  • Can be more concise
  • By just stating "ask questions" it feels as if questions are only permitted
  • Consistent wording throughout platform ('Browse' Forums button and 'Browse' Find A Doctor Button)
New Design
New 'Forum' Description On Homepage

Websites Screens

To create the website, I decided that Webflow would be the best software to use. This is because I am already familiar with the interface.
Home Screen
Website Home Screen
Website Search Screen
Search Results Screen
Website Search Results Screen
Doctors Screen
Website Doctor Screen
Doctor's Profile Screen
Website Doctor's Profile Screen
Rating Pop-up on Doctor's Profile Screen
Website Rating Pop-up on Doctor's Profile Screen
Forum Screen
Website Forum Screen
User Account Screen
User Account Screen
I made a few changes while developing the product using Webflow (for example, instead of a pop-up, the search is now a different screen). I made these changes due to how they were easier to implement by the deadline that we were given.

Key Takeaways


Black women have been discriminated and neglected in the healthcare throughout history. We want to improve the relationship Black women have with healthcare by giving them the option to make an informed decision.


It is difficult to build a user’s trust to use your site. Since we are tackling a sensitive topic, creating trust between our userbase is critical so they feel safe using our platform.

Lessons Learned

In order to create the best solution, it is critical to do as much user testing in between key stages. This also improves one’s understanding of the problem and user’s needs, which would influence other design decisions made throughout the product.
This was one of the few projects I have partaken in where I wasn't the targeted demographic. Conducting user testing and allowing user input proved quite beneficial in creating an adequate product.
iSchool Capstone Finalists for Social Impact & Social Justice Award 2022
iSchool Capstone Finalists for Social Impact & Social Justice Award 2022