Cargo HQ desktop screens
Software: Canva & Figma


My Overall Role

UX Designer
UX Researcher
Interaction Designer
Graphic Designer


Background & Objective

According to user research, much of our end user base are truckers- who aren't tech savvy. To address potential future confusion and rise of errors we decided to introduce the homepage. The purpose of the homepage is to serve as an archive of tutorials on how to use different features on the software.

I took on this project due to how it lines up with one of my UI design principles- designing for the ease of the user. By introducing tutorials, I am designing for users of different skill levels, allowing non-tech savvy people to understand and use the product.
Cargo HQ's home screen

Create Loads

Background & Objective

The dispatch listing page contains informations in regards to specific cargo loads. On this screen there is a feature to create loads, which would be displayed on the page.

According to our user testing, the create loads view was confusing. The view was too cluttered with too many pop-ups (to input any information triggered a pop-up), making it difficult to navigate.

Therefore, we decided to replace the layout with an expandable card layout to reduce the number of clicks and pop-ups, and to introduce a more organized structure.


A challenge I've came across was how to display all the content in a way that wasn't overwhelming towards the user. Throughout our platform we used pop-ups vs expandable cards. Once we changed the design of create loads, the design team also decided to incorporate expandable cards into different features to make the product more user-friendly and consistent.
New create loads view with cards unexpandedNew create loads view with cards uxpanded

Manifest Flyers

Background & Objective

The marketing team needed flyers to represent Cargo HQ for the logistics conference Manifest. Flyers were made with Canva and Figma.


Translating information given from the marketing team and making their dream flyer a reality. The conference was a big deal since it was a great opportunity to advertise and find investors for our product so having an appealing and well-informed flyer is crucial. I took inspiration from the corporate site and utilized our color scheme to create these flyers.
Marketing Flyer for Cargo HQ #1Marketing Flyer for Cargo HQ #1Marketing Flyer for Cargo HQ #1